ZINC – when it comes to sustainable construction

Are you focusing on ecology, durability, and an attractive appearance for your home? Whatever you're planning: Plan with zinc. The choice of a building material depends on various factors such as cost, purpose, appearance, value retention, maintenance options, health and environmental friendliness, or technical properties. By choosing zinc as a building material, you benefit from many advantages!


Why ZINC is sustainable

We understand sustainability as the efficient use of resources under environmentally friendly conditions, combined with low-maintenance and the longest possible period of use. All of this, while observing fair and safe working conditions and considering sociocultural needs throughout the entire product life cycle. At the end of the period of use, the product should be reusable or, with little effort, such as in energy, transport, waste, be transformed into a durable and reliably usable product. These sustainability features are fulfilled by zinc in applications such as

  • Corrosion-protected steel through hot-dip galvanizing, thermal spray galvanizing, and electrolytic galvanizing
  • Rolled titanium-zinc for roof and facade in architecture
  • Products made of zinc die-casting for door and window fittings, electrical engineering, automotive, medical technology

The sustainability criteria developed by the United Nations provide a foundation, give guidance, and are relevant also for the zinc industry.


In 2001, the global zinc industry committed to a sustainability charter, which has been expanded since 2011 with topics such as 'child labor' and 'climate protection'. The zinc industry commits to environmental protection principles, an open commitment to sustainability topics, and a transparent presentation of production and product parameters, also in the supply chain. The goal is to operate zinc production, processing, and use in harmony with the environment and societal needs, without posing risks to human health and the environment.



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