ZINC Resources

Experts disagree on the availability of zinc. Despite speculations, it's clear that zinc mining will continue for centuries, which doesn't mean we should jeopardize the circular economy by developing short-lived products.


ZINC Resources

Some economic experts believe that zinc belongs to the rare elements of our planet. Others see the zenith of available zinc resources already surpassed. But what is the truth behind these forecasts? Unfortunately, such forecasts affect the decision for a sustainable material choice. Although highly speculative, it's evident that we have centuries of zinc mining ahead of us. This does not mean we should continue as usual and risk endangering the future circular economy by developing short-lived products.

Zinc is indispensable in our modern life. As a trace element, it is essential for healthy nutrition and as a fertilizer for plant growth. As a technical product, zinc is found in many areas, including in our living environment in furniture, for fittings and locking systems, in sanitary areas, in electrical items and electrical engineering. The construction sector uses zinc for steel corrosion protection, for roofing, facade cladding, and roof drainage. Due to its long service life and maintenance-friendliness, zinc is valued as a sustainable solution. From a resource perspective, it is positive that zinc is fully recyclable and can therefore replace primary raw materials. The anthropogenic stock of recycling raw materials is steadily growing, and more and more zinc products contain a significant portion of already used material. Nevertheless, the demand for zinc grows due to the demands and modern life of people. Here, recycling raw materials play an important role in meeting the raw material demand - slowly and steadily, as zinc products are in use for a very long time.

Read more about zinc resources on our planet in this technical article from the University of Liège:


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